Most people that ride bikes in Chicago use it as a form of transportation. We are one of the few shops in Chicago that cater specifically to commuters and casual riders. Our bikes are simple, Reliable, durable, and affordable.

We Specialize in and recommend a single speed bike because of its simplicity. geared bike components malfunction, can be expensive to maintain, and add weight. Chicago is geographically small and we have no hills, so a single speed or fixed gear is ideal for getting around. 

We build our bikes with care and follow a thorough safety check process to ensure the optimal performance of your bike. 

most of our bikes are sold with a rear wheel that offers both a fixed gear and a single speed option. Single speed allows you to coast, just like a traditional road bike. There is very little difference between a single speed bike and a geared road bike in terms of the quality of the ride itself. fixed Gear on the other hand is totally different, but beneficial if you're looking to increase energy efficiency. With Fixed Gear, when you stop pedaling you stop moving. There is no coasting.

many people have a fear of biking on the streets of Chicago. Once they try it, many realize its not as scary as it seems. It does require a high level of focus and attention, and there is a learning curve. Start with bike lanes and small side streets and work your way up. Avoid advanced streets until you're ready. Check out our bike maps link for more information about Bike Lanes in Chicago.